USA All Stars

USA All Stars

USA All Stars

The World Gridiron Association is pleased to announce the introduction and Inaugural Kick-Off Game for their Hawaii Conference and the Hawaii Gridiron League February 2012 as they host the USA All Stars in Honolulu, Hawaii. This annual exhibition game will present the best of the best as the USA All Stars come loaded with several recognizable former mainland college names while the Hawaii Gridiron All Stars will feature the elite talent from the HGL. Fans will have a chance to see what the Hawaii Gridiron League Game is all about, get their first piece of HGL Game Gear, as well as meet their favorite players while getting some autographs and photos. It’s going to be an exciting day as we not only kickoff the Hawaii Gridiron League but we also introduce Hawaii and our players to Gridiron Competition against teams outside the state of Hawaii.

Stay tuned to for chances to win cool prizes like tickets to the Hawaii Gridiron League Kickoff Game and Official HGL Game Gear!

“For The Love Of The Game”


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