World Gridiron Association

World Gridiron Association

The game of American Football is growing and thriving around the globe in countries like Japan, China, Austrailia, Italy, Samoa, Russia and of course Europe. The World Gridiron Association will unite these countries in an effort to build sportmanship and comradery as ambassadors of the game we have all grown to love, honor and respect. Our mission kicks off in 2012 with the introduction of the Hawaii Conference(HGL) as we present to the islands 8 teams that will compete for their respective league title and the right to represent the HGL in the World Gridiron Association Championships. For many years football fans have waited for the opportunity to compete against teams around the world for the right to say they are the best and most committed to the Gridiron game. Well wait no longer as it all starts right here in the beautiful state of Hawaii as we bring to you a superior Amateur Sports Organization and product that local football fans and families can embrace and call their own.

Welcome to the Hawaii Gridiron League and the World Gridiron Association!


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