HGL Teams


Welcome to the HGL and witness the game of football be revolutionized into a global competition. The HGL will feature the best gridiron talent in the state of Hawaii while in search of the many who play for the love of the game. The HGL is more than a local football league, it’s an opportunity to be selected as one of the elite 40 players to represent the Islands in Global Gridiron Competition(WGA). In just the first year of the HGL players have already been contracted to play football professionally in Europe with many more to come. HGL Teams represent their respective communities with pride and respect and play the game with honor and sportsmanship. Teams will compete weekly throughout the season with every individual player understanding that every game you are being evaluated and battling for the chance to represent Hawaii in Global Competition. The HGL is a platform created for today’s athletes to display your skills to not just the HGL but also to professionally sports organizations around the globe.

HGL Teams are currently in training camps but as the regular season nears each team will trim down their pre-season rosters to 35 active and 5 practice squad players. This is a genuine opportunity created by former players for the current and future football players of Hawaii so they can continue to play the game they have all grown to love, honor and respect.

For The Love Of The Game!

Introducing Your 2014 Hawaii Gridiron League Teams:



Pearl City Paniolos

Tribal Warriors


Waianae Sharks


One comment on “HGL Teams

  1. Hello my name is Genaro Lopez and I am the COO of a semi-pro team of Mexico City called ALL FRIENDS .
    And we are interested in playing an exhibition match with a team of your league, for that reason I am contacting you .



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