Founder & CEO:

Darrick BranchFrankfurt Galaxy 1998

Darrick Branch
Frankfurt Galaxy 1998

The Former University of Hawaii and Professional Football created the HGL as a thank you for the people of Hawaii that helped to make his growing and football experience one that he will always be grateful for. “Its my love for the game that made me want to create the HGL but its my love for the people of Hawaii and the players who just want to play the game again, that gave me the purpose to bring it to life”. Darrick’s professional football career spans 10 years playing for many teams and various countries around the world including:

1993: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1994: Buffalo Bills
1995 Canadian Football League - Toronto Argonauts
1995-1996 San Francisco 49ers
1997-1998 Denver Broncos
1998 NFL Europe - Frankfurt Galaxy
1999-2001 Arena Football League - Buffalo Destroyers
2002 Canadian Football League - BC Lions

Chief Financial Officer:

Calvin Cole JR

Founder & President of Executive Tax Services

Operations Manager:

Loraine Revilla

Media Coordinator

Moses Ringwood

Recruiting and Player Development

Marlowe Lewis

Phil Nasca


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